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What Are My Foreclosure Defense Options?

Clermont foreclosure defense attorney

Facing a home foreclosure can be a daunting prospect. While a Clermont foreclosure defense lawyer cannot guarantee a successful defense, it’s important to know your options so you can decide how to proceed. As a practicing Attorney in Lake, Orange, Seminole and Marion counties, foreclosure defense lawyer Merideth Nagel has a desire to inform people to their choices.

How to Raise a Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure actions take place in court. Once a lender has commenced foreclosure proceedings, the appropriate place to respond to it is in the courtroom. Your foreclosure attorney can help you prepare the appropriate documentation to bring your issue in front of the judge who will ultimately decide whether the foreclosure will be granted or denied. That is why it is prudent to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Standard Requirements

Foreclosure proceedings require the lender to provide a series of legal notices and opportunities for the borrower to respond, cure or bring the loan payments up to date. If the borrower’s rights are not followed, this could be a valid defense or cause for a dismissal of a foreclosure action. A knowledgeable Clermont foreclosure defense attorney will review whether the lender has followed the appropriate legal steps to bring the foreclosure action in court.

Active Duty Military Service Members

Military service members have certain protection in the law from having to respond to lawsuits while they’re deployed or on active duty. If you receive foreclosure paperwork, contact an attorney right away for assistance on how to respond.

Unconscionable Contracts

In some cases, borrowers may have a valid defense to the foreclosure based on problems with the formation of the mortgage contract itself. There must be a specific problem with the contract, not merely an allegation that it was unfair. Things a court might consider could be if the borrower did not speak English and the lender’s representative had reason to know he/she did not understand what they were signing. If you’ve received notice of foreclosure or know that one is impending, contact a skilled Clermont foreclosure defense attorney to discuss your best legal options. To schedule a consultation with the offices of Merideth Nagel, P.A., Attorney at Law, call 352-394-7408 or toll free at 877-580-6868. Serving Lake, Marion, Orange and Sumter Counties. Also offering Short Sale Negotiation and Deed In Lieu services. Contact us to see how we can help you in all your legal matters.


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