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Thank You For Allowing Us To Serve You



This is Merideth Nagel and I wanted to personally thank you for allowing my firm to assist you in your legal matter. I have practiced law for over 17 years and have never lost the zeal and care for any of my clients. I have built a staff that truly understands and appreciates your needs, and will always have open lines of communication. If you ever need to speak with me please call our office at 352-394-7408 and ask to talk with me personally. If I am not available, I will call you back. That is how I have practiced all my life.

Our firm handles many areas of law including real estate. estate planning, probate, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, short sales, family law and personal injury. If a loved one or friend has needs in any of these areas please contact us and we will treat them with compassion and dignity.

Again, thank you for choosing my firm to represent you and we pray for a safe and happy rest of the year for you.

Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Real Estate Clients


Dear Valued Real Estate Professional,

Allow me a minute to thank you and tell you what it means to send your client to us. That you place confidence in us is incredible, and please know that we never take that lightly. Having done real estate law for over 17 years I never forget those who recommend us. You are one of the main reasons we enjoy doing what we do, and our prayer is that the process was smooth and handled in a timely manner. Your interests are ours, and your client is the most important aspect of our business.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed and prosper, and as our business grows we see the relationship between realtor and lawyer flourish. It is a unique bond built in trust and assurance, and know that we will serve your clients with 110% of our time and talents.

Again, thank you so much for the business and confidence. At Merideth Nagel, P.A. we place a great deal of honor and respect for what you do! Have a prosperous and happy rest of the year.


Thanks For Choosing Merideth Nagel, P.A. For Your Real Estate Closing



This is Merideth Nagel, and I want to personally thank you for choosing my firm to handle your recent real estate transaction. Your confidence in us is so appreciated, and having done real estate transactions for over 17 years I never take these matters lightly. Your family and home are very important to me and If you ever need to communicate with me, please call or e-mail me and I will take the time to respond.

We are a full service firm handling real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy, guardianship, family law and personal injury. If a friend or family member is ever in need of these services, please have them contact us and we will treat them like family!

Again, thank you and have a prosperous and happy rest of the year.

Thank You For Recently Coming In To Discuss Your Matter With Us


Hello, this is Merideth Nagel and I want to thank you for recently coming in to discuss your matter with us. It is important that you know how honored we are that you took time out of your schedule to talk with my firm.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your matter, or just need some general guidance in the future. You can contact me at my office at 352-394-7408, or use the email form to the right to further communicate your needs. We truly are here to help and if you need us to assist you we are ready. Again, thank you for coming in and may God Bless you the rest of the year!


Seeking Guardianship Rights

When facing deteriorating health and mental challenges, situations might occur in which you need to assume certain rights and decision making choices. With out these rights it will be difficult to manage your loved ones affairs and also to fund said care. The situation will warrant a discussion with a guardianship attorney who is well versed in the county and state regulations. In the Central Florida area Merideth Nagel, P.A. can offer advice and legal counsel which will give you choices as you seek to make decisions for your loved ones.

Why Establish a Guardianship?

You would want to establish a guardianship to allow your loved one to receive proper care, and have supervision from an appropriate party who can make decisions for the them. The Guardian could be contacted should your family member ever leave a facility where they are placed. The authorities will be alerted to return the ward to the proper facility once they are found. Additionally, if the person has assets in their name like a car or bank account, or if there is a home involved, and if there is no valid power of attorney activated, then a Guardianship will be necessary to be granted access to those assets.

Who May Serve as Guardian?

Is the Guardian Liable for the Wards Debts?

No. The Guardian does not have to pay the ward’s debts from their own pocket. This is not the same as a mother/father relationship where the burden is on the parents. The guardians liabilities are limited.

How Long Does The Process Take?

For a temporary immediate guardianship, the process takes 3 to 5 days. For the normal application it should take no more than 30 days.

Avoiding Guardianship

It is possible to avoid guardianship through proper estate planning. A solid estate plan will include a medical power of attorney that gives an individual decision rights to manage health care in a medical emergency, and a durable power of attorney allowing a trusted individual access to manage personal affairs. These documents can specify how you wish to live and your approved quality of life in the event of how you die. It also can list how you wish to be treated if you become disabled – which can be in direct opposition to how a court appointed guardian will make decisions regarding your wishes. A lot of times when these documents have been executed it will not be necessary for your loved ones to seek the services of a guardian should something happen to you.

If you want guardianship attorney, or if you are ready to execute a proper estate plan, than contact our offices at 352-394-7408 or use the email form on this site. The knowledge you gain is free, but the peace of mind is invaluable.

Revocable Trusts

One favored estate planning tool that yourClermont estate planning lawyer may recommend is the revocable trust. This allows you to set parameters regarding how certain property should be used while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you can modify it whenever you want to.


Your lawyer can explain that a testamentary trust, a trust in which you dispose of property at your death, must comply with all of the will formalities that are required of wills in Florida. These requirements include:
  • Settlor’s signature
  • Witnesses
  • Signatures of witnesses


Your  estate planning attorney can also explain that there is a presumption that a trust is revocable unless there is clear language to the contrary. However, this presumption is only for trust instruments that were created after June 30, 2007.
Revoking a Trust
If the revocable trust only has one settlor, he or she may revoke the trust or amend it by substantially complying with the relevant provision in the trust. If there is not a method proscribed in the trust for revocation, the settlor can create a later will that revokes or amends the terms of the trust or manifest clear intent in another manner. The testamentary aspects of the will must still comply with the requirements above. If there is more than one settlor, either spouse can revoke the will. However, if there is community property, both must agree to any amendment.
If you would like assistance in setting up a trust, contact Clermont estate planning attorney Merideth Nagel at 352-394-7408.

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