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About Us

“Merideth Nagel and her firm are above reproach. Merideth Nagel is professional, ethical, without a doubt one of the most trusted and respected attorneys in the industry. Also she one of the most generous and giving individuals who definitely has an impact on everyone she meets. I trust her with all our legal needs and she never fails.”
-Betsy M.

The legacy of our firm began in the early 80s, when a young, impressionable Merideth Nagel spent hours after school each day working for her uncle, the late Senator Richard Langley, at his law office in Clermont, Florida. While she was doing simple things like emptying trash cans or filing paperwork, she witnessed first-hand the impact a caring and devoted attorney could make in the lives of clients and the community. She knew then that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and dedicate herself to helping others through the practice of law.

Merideth Nagel, P.A. opened the doors to their Clermont office in 2005 and dedicated their practice to the same ideals that Merideth envisioned when she first enrolled in law school. She founded her firm on integrity, ethics, honesty and hard work and taught her staff to treat their clients the way they would their own family. This love and compassion would go on to inspire 11 of her own staff members to become attorneys themselves, much like she had been inspired by her uncle. The entire team is dedicated to helping clients build and maintain their own legacies, whether personal or business, and the firm’s reach has started to expand beyond Central Florida itself. It is Merideth Nagel’s sincere hope that the firm will continue to grow beyond what she created, offering help and support to clients long into the future.

Today the offices of Merideth Nagel & The Legacy Legal Team serve Central Florida with a team of over 20 employees in four locations. Along with their main office in Clermont, they have also expanded to two other locations in Central Florida – Winter Garden and The Villages – as well as a fourth office in Austin, Texas. Each location is equipped to help clients in a variety of diverse matters, including Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Information and Planning, Probate, Trusts, Guardianships, and related litigation.

Our firm remains community focused at its core and in the future, we hope that we can continue to grow, inspire and serve those that need our help the most. Through our legacy, we want to help you build and protect yours.