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Senator Langley discusses his 52 years of practicing law

Senator Langley describes how practicing law has changed over the five decades of his service in this latest edition of the Central Florida Legalcast.

FIRPTA – Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act

What is the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) and why is it important? Find out in this latest  edition of the Central Florida Legalcast with host Leon Bloder and guest Merideth Nagel.

Close your real estate transaction with an attorney

Today we correct the name of the podcast to “Central Florida Legal Cast” and our host Leon Bloder speaks with co-host Merideth Nagel about the benefits of using an attorney to handle your important real estate transactions and how to avoid many of the problems associated with using a less equipped agency.


Real estate sales have never been “easy,” but over the past years, with the proliferation of foreclosures and short-sales, and the new Dodd-Frank and other RESPA regulations, closing real estate transactions has become exponentially more difficult.

According to the American Land Title Association, 30% of all real estate closings involve significant title problems. You’ve worked hard to sell your property, or to find the property perfect for your needs – why would you take a chance with a title company at closing, when you could have an attorney working for you to resolve those title problems, at the same rate, or even less, than title companies charge?

A real estate attorney can be by your side throughout the entire transaction. If problems arise during negotiations, a real estate attorney can help make sure the contract provisions are legally valid and align with your needs and intentions. After the contract is executed a real estate attorney can help explain the results of the title examination, handle any title problems that might be revealed or might arise, and draft all necessary title insurance and closing documents to bring you successfully to closing, again, in many cases for the same price or less than a title company might charge. With an attorney to handle any obstacles that might arise, you can rest easy knowing you are protected. As a professional trained and experienced in the complexities of real estate law, I can help provide you the security you need before and after the closing. Typically I can provide all the services of a title company, plus the added value of legal expertise to handle any and all issues, with better protection for you, a faster and smoother transaction, less worry, and all at a cost no greater than that of a non-lawyer title company.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you complete a successful sale, whether residential or commercial. With almost $65 million in closed volume last year alone, we have the experience to handle any and all issues that may arise, and provide you the best experience possible.

Call today and ask to speak with attorney Merideth Nagel – 352-394-7408. Your consultation for real estate services is free. We look forward to speaking with you.

Alimony Reform in Florida

Join us for this podcast about possible changes in the Florida law surrounding alimony. In this session, host Leon Bloder speaks with attorney Merideth Nagel about what these changes could mean to the citizens of the great state of Florida.


Currently, the Court’s determination of an alimony award is factual and can vary widely from case-to-case. Generally speaking, an alimony award is based on need and ability to pay.

Florida Statutes Section 61.08 outlines the factors a court must consider in awarding alimony. Those factors are:


There are currently five types of alimony:


Generally, a change in circumstances is needed to modify a rehabilitative, durational and/or permanent alimony award. Alimony is also, generally, taxable to the recipient and deductible by the payor for tax purposes.

The alimony reform bill, which has currently passed both the House and Senate, makes considerable changes to how alimony is determined in Florida. Similar to how child support is calculated, the reform requires courts to use a formula to determine alimony awards. That formula is 0.015 times the number of years married, multiplied by the difference in gross income of the divorcing couple on the low end. On the high end, that multiplier number rises to 0.02. The range is designed to give judges some discretion. The duration of payments would be between 0.25 times the number of years married to 0.75 times the number of years married. It effectively abolishes permanent alimony.

For example, if one partner makes $100,000 a year and the other makes $10,000, and they were married for 10 years, the alimony payment would be between $13,500 and $18,000 a year. A judge can deviate from the formula, but must specifically delineate the reasons for doing so.

Additionally, the bill requires that time-sharing schedules start with a premise of an approximately equal amount of time with each parent. While the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar supports the alimony reform, they are not in favor of the time-sharing proposal.

The bill is set to apply only to divorces filed on or after October 1, 2016 and will not apply retroactively. However, it will apply retroactively to any modification sought.

Proponents of the bill argue that it will provide uniformity in alimony awards. Critics say that it disproportionately negatively affects women. The reform very clearly reduces judicial discretion. Governor Scott has yet to make a decision regarding the bill, though he vetoed a similar bill a few years ago.

Charitable Donation Attorney Ocoee

The Charitable Donation Attorney Ocoee Trusts

Are you looking for a trustworthy charitable donation attorney? Ocoee is home to Merideth Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law. With many years of experience in the fields of planned giving and charitable donations, we are the attorneys you can trust. We believe in changing the world and making it a better place, one client at a time.

We love that you are passionate about a cause or a couple of causes, and that you want to do your part to make the world a better place for others. However, we also know that you are careful as to which organizations you want to benefit from your donation. Maybe you want to be sure that all of your money is used towards your cause. Maybe the cause you want to donate to is not as well known, and you do not know where to start looking. Or maybe you want to donate on a regular basis to a couple of causes. We can set up a planned giving schedule with which you can be happy.

How Charitable Contributions Work

We are here to help you make the world a better place as well, by helping you invest your money in the charities that matter most to you. You want to be sure that your contributions are being spent in a proper and transparent way. This means being particular about who you donate to and how much you give.

We help you put together a portfolio of causes for your donations. Plus, these donations can qualify as a tax write off if you need the tax break. Let us help you understand the benefits of your donations and the charities to which you want to donate. We can help you plan for your philanthropic future and understand the tax benefits of donating.

Nagel Law Firm as Your Charitable Donation Attorney, Ocoee Area

We pop up when you search for “charitable donation attorneys Clermont” or “charitable donation attorney Ocoee,” in part because we cover many areas and cities in Central Florida. Whether you need a fresh start financially, want to secure a financial future, or are looking to donate your money to a good cause, you can trust and depend on us when it matters most.

Our staff and attorneys are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes, resolving disputes and protecting your future. When looking for charitable donation attorneys, Clermont residents as well as those in other parts of Central Florida turn to us. If you value integrity, ethics, honesty and hard work, then Nagel Law Firm may be a great fit for your needs as well.

We look forward to getting to know you personally and understanding your desires when it comes to donating. We are a reputable charitable donation attorney Ocoee residents have trusted for years. You can trust us, too.

Trust Attorneys Winter Garden

The Most Trusted Trust Attorneys Winter Garden Uses

Estate planning can be a painless process when you choose the trust attorneys Winter Garden recommends for the job. For residents of Central Florida, there is a good chance that your will was drawn in another state, and you want to know if it is enforceable in Florida to avoid the probate process. A well-thought-out estate plan can protect all your interests. As a dedicated attorney, Meredith Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law can help you get your affairs in order for the future.

When using us as their dedicated and experienced trust attorney, Ocoee and other Lake, Marion, Orange, Seminole and Sumpter county residents rest easy – and can you, knowing that we can help you protect what you have worked so hard to acquire throughout your lifetime. We not only educate you about the risks and benefits of the options available to you, but we give the advice you need to make the right estate planning decisions that will work best for your situation.

Why We are the Trust Attorneys Winter Garden Uses

We are a full service law firm that serves all of Central Florida. We are one of the most trusted trust attorneys Winter Garden residents use because we do not overcharge, and feel that you are the most important case at the time we are working on your situation. Likewise, when they need a trust attorney, Clermont residents know and trust us.

Whether you need a trust, estate planning advice, or to draw up a will or handle probate for a loved one, we are here to meet your needs in a caring and considerate manner. We are guided by the theory that we can change the world one client at a time by caring about you and your needs first and foremost. We have unyielding determination and genuine compassion for all our clients. We strive to find positive outcomes that make your life easier. These and other factors make us the trust attorney Clermont and other Central Florida city residents trust most.

No matter where in Central Florida you live and what your legal needs are, we can help you and guide you in the right direction. If you need legal advice on a matter we do not typically handle, we can direct you to a professional who can give you the best advice. We strive to go a step above other area attorneys because we believe in serving you. When seeking a trust attorney, Ocoee residents often think of Nagel Law Firm first and foremost.

We will never stop fighting for what is important to you or your family. It is important to protect you assets and the future of your family. Choose Nagel Law Firm as your most trusted confidant. We are the trust attorneys Winter Garden uses and recommends.

Planned Giving Lawyer Winter Garden

Your Planned Giving Lawyer – Winter Garden Charities

If you need a planned giving lawyer, Winter Garden offers you Meredith Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law. We have expertise in planned giving and planned future legal needs such as wills, estates, trusts and more. We are your trusted lawyer for all your philanthropic needs. Whether you want to give to one charity regularly or to multiple charities throughout the year, we can set you up with a charitable donation plan that will meet your needs and wants.

A Planned Giving Lawyer Winter Garden Trusts

Whether you have specific charities to which you want to donate, specific causes you are passionate about, or are looking at the tax benefits of donating, we can set up a portfolio that works with your needs. Whether you are retired and have some extra money you would like to donate or are a hard worker and want to see the fruits of your labor go to a good cause, we are here to help. We are dedicated to making the world a better place, one client at a time.

We seek to understand your needs and desires to help you place your money in the best charities based on your beliefs and wants. We understand that you want your money going to a good cause that you believe in and are passionate about. We are here to help you discover which charities are like-minded and would be the best places to invest you money. We take into consideration your needs, wants and desires to create the portfolio that will be in your best interests.

Tax Benefits of Charitable Donations

Your donation could qualify as a tax write off when you prepare your income taxes. We help you understand the tax benefits of your donations. Whether this is your primary reason for donating or just an added bonus, we help you plan for your charitable future by informing you of the best charities to donate and the tax benefits of donating. That is why we are the planned giving lawyer Winter Garden has grown to trust and appreciate.

Our clients enjoy working with us as we provide one on one service that you cannot get at other planned giving lawyers. Clermont and Winter Garden are areas that have a lot of money but lot of need as well, so your philanthropy can go a long way to benefit the causes of your choice. When looking for planned giving lawyers, Clermont residents as well as those in Winter Garden trust Nagel Law. Hire us as your chosen planned giving lawyer. Winter Garden philanthropists trust us, and so should you!

Land Use Attorney Ocoee



Why would anyone ever need a land use attorney? Ocoee residents have experienced a situation mush like this:

Sally and Frank Lakebuyer are ecstatically happy over the purchase of Lakeacre, a beautiful waterfront estate on Lake Beautiful in central Florida. They live their happily for several years, and their kids become sun-tanned water rats – and pretty darn good water skiers. Being good parents, Sally and Frank decide to put in a slalom ski course on their lake – nothing too fancy, just 22 plastic buoys anchored to the lake bottom.

Sally and Frank do a bit of internet research, purchase a kit for a course, and in one weekend have a fun and healthy hobby ready to go on their very own lake. They ski their hearts out for a couple of weeks, until an official from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection knocks on their door and starts asking questions about the floats in the lake. “It’s our lake”, say the Lakebuyers, “here is our deed”.

Too bad, says the FDEP. Your deed doesn’t mean anything. The State of Florida claims to own the bottom of Lake Beautiful, as “Sovereign Submerged Lands”. The course has to come out!


The legalese and how a land use attorney in Ocoee can help.

Unfortunately, that deed for your property, at least the part that extends below something called the “Ordinary High Water Line” (just a fancy way of saying how high the water normally rises on a seasonal basis) may not be worth the paper it’s written on. Here is why, and what you can and should do about it BEFORE you buy lakefront property.

When Florida became a state in 1845, the state took title from the U.S. Government of all the land below the ordinary high water line of any waters that were “navigable”. “Navigable” doesn’t mean it had to have big steamboats running up and down, it only means that the water was capable of providing commerce to the local population. A canoe with a few furs in it, or maybe firewood for the next village. The gist is, the State of Florida generally claims every lake over 160 acres as “sovereign submerged land”.

The problem is, there is usually no notice to buyers of such property – no signs, no notations on deeds – the deed you get at closing may well show that you are buying the entire property, even the lake bottom– BUT YOU ARE NOT. In many cases you even pay property taxes on the “land” that the state owns. In a final insult, your title insurance will likely not cover a claim, since it probably contained a specific exclusion for lands below the ordinary high water line claimed by the state.

As an owner of lake edge, you still retain certain riparian rights to use the lake, even if the state owns the lake bottom. But they are more limited, harder to permit, and require a “lease” fee, paid to the State of Florida.

So before you purchase lakefront property, Do these things:

First, hire a qualified Ocoee land use attorney to represent you in the closing process.

Review the Title Commitment with that land use attorney, and look for the “sovereign submerged lands” exception discussed above.

Get a Sovereign Submerged Lands Determination from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The right attorney can help you with that as well.

Know before you close. It may be you can live with the state owning your lake bottom. In the case of Sally and Frank Lakebuyer, there was a happy ending. With the help of Ocoee land use lawyers here at Nagel Law, we were able to obtain a Sovereign Submerged Land Lease and an Environmental Resource Permit for their slalom course, even though it wasn’t easy or cheap.
The answer is the same as most legal issues — do your research up front, and avoid a surprise later! Do you have a situation that might require some the insights of a professional, or even legal action. Call Nagel Law, Clermont’s and Ocoee land use attorney experts for a free consultation.


Clermont Family Law Attorney


When you are in need of a Clermont family law attorney or divorce lawyer, call the Nagel Law Firm.

If you are going through a divorce or custody dispute you need a compassionate and knowledgeable Clermont family law attorney. Clermont and Lake County residents can turn to Nagel Law Firm to explain all the options during this emotionally difficult time. Rather than working on a huge volume of cases, our divorce attorneys provide one-on-one advice and compassion for the unique circumstances of youe case, working with you to meet your needs and priorities. Our experienced Clermont family law lawyers understand the emotional challenges that a divorce or custody dispute can create.

During a divorce or paternity action you need Clermont family law attorneys to explain the process and help you obtain an outcome that meets your current and future needs. A divorce or family law lawyer, Clermont residents know, can advise you as to your options regarding custody, property distribution, alimony and child support and help you obtain the results you desire.

Types of Issues in a Family Law Case

There are many issues that can arise during a family law case, making it all the more vital that you choose a Clermont family law attorney or divorce lawyer that can work with you on the specifics of your individual needs. Divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate divorce. First, if there are children involved, you need a knowledgeable and experienced Clermont divorce attorney who can help you settle custody issues. This will involve deciding issues relating to timesharing and parental responsibility in the light of the best interests of the children.

A second type of issue typically involved in a divorce case is property division. In Florida, the Court will take an equitable distribution approach to splitting up property. Your Clermont divorce lawyer can guide you through this process and help you plan for all outcomes. It is important to know your rights before the marriage is dissolved and defend them. Lake County residents have trusted in Nagel Law Firm’s expertise in these matters for quite some time.
Finally, there are often issues relating to alimony and child support. The Nagel Law Firm’s divorce attorneys can explain the different types of support and how to obtain the support you need now and for the future. These are decisions that will effect your for a long time, so it is important to get it right.

A Client First Approach From a Family Law Attorneys Clermont Residents Can Trust


Nagel Law Firm believes in changing the world, one client at a time. Each case is viewed with personal interest and attention, putting your goals and needs as clients first. You will meet with one of our experienced and qualified divorce attorneys to establish what sort of issues will arise. You will be advised by the Nagel Law Firm as to your rights and what the law entitles you to relating to property division, custody, alimony and child support. If you are looking for a family law attorney, Clermont can turn to Nagel Law Firm.


Criminal Defense Attorney Clermont


When you are in need of a Clermont criminal defense attorney call the Nagel Law Firm for your free, criminal consultation.

If you are arrested in Lake County, you will need an experienced Clermont criminal defense lawyer you can count on to fight for you. After an arrest, Clermont and Lake County residents can turn to Nagel Law Firm to evaluate your criminal case and ensure your rights are protected. Nagel Law Firm provides experienced Clermont criminal defense attorneys to give you one-on-one advice and options for your case, working with you to protect your rights.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, Nagel Law Firm can help. A criminal defense attorney, Clermont residents know, will guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected.

Types of Criminal Matters the Expert Criminal Defense Lawyers at Nagel Law Firm Handle

The Nagel Law firm can help Clermont and Lake County residents arrested for misdemeanors, felonies and DUI. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers can help you from arrest through trial. Being arrested and charged with a felony, misdemeanor or DUI can have far ranging consequences. Our Clermont criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights. We will fight for you.

A Client First Approach From a Criminal Defense Attorney, Clermont, Ocoee and Winter Garden Can Trust

Nagel Law Firm believes in changing the world, one client at a time. Each case is viewed with personal interest and attention, putting your needs as clients first. You will meet with one of our Clermont criminal defense lawyers who will help ensure your rights are protected. You can count on compassionate, personal attention from a proven expert with a know-how and experience to win important cases. Call us today for a free consultation.When looking for a criminal defense attorney, Clermont can trust Nagel Law Firm.


Winter Park Foreclosure Lawyer

What You Need From a Foreclosure Lawyer: Winter Park Citizen Advocate

It’s an unfortunate trend that more and more people need a foreclosure lawyer. Winter Park citizens that were once in stable financial and home positions may have found their situations drastically changed, perhaps overnight, and don’t know how they can handle potentially losing their homes. This becomes even more difficult for many when they realize that they may have options but aren’t necessarily in a position to find them out or use what is available to them. Fortunately, there are at least a few things that many home owners can do.

Find a Foreclosure Lawyer: Winter Park Edition

Since laws can change drastically from area to area, it’s important to make sure that you find the right foreclosure lawyers. Clermont may have different regulations and legal frameworks to deal with than Winter Park, so make sure that whoever you’re working with is familiar with the area and capable of handling your specific situation.

Understand also that not all foreclosure defense is successful, and sometimes you may end up in a bad situation no matter how good your foreclosure lawyers. Apopka families, Altamonte singles, Oviedo workers: they’ve all felt the sting of a bad economy paired with home ownership.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. In many cases, for example, foreclosures are brought against active duty military members who have certain protections put in place to prevent this from happening. Similarly, there are times when a lender doesn’t provide the borrower with the various options and notifications that are required in order to try and avoid foreclosure. If you feel the process was too quick or that you weren’t communicated with enough, it might be worth contacting a foreclosure lawyer. Winter Park homes have been saved by borrowers skipping key steps in the process.

Finally, there are times when a contract itself can be found deficient by foreclosure lawyers. Clermont homeowners, for example, might not realize that their mortgage is written with a bias against them until it’s too late. That’s not even the worst that can be found by foreclosure lawyers. Apopka families have been kicked out of their homes because they signed a contract they did not fully understand due to a language barrier, for example, that lenders were aware of.

Getting the Best

You can be sure that when you sign on with the Meredith Nagel Law Firm, you’re getting the absolute best advocates who will look for every possible method to defend you against a foreclosure. We are highly trained and will go out of our way to mount the best possible defense for you.

Don’t take a chance on another foreclosure layer, Winter Park advocate, or citizen group. Contact the best today.

Apopka Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosure Lawyers Apopka Residents Can Trust

Foreclosure lawyers, Apopka residents know, can be the difference between knowing your options for facing foreclosure and simply losing your home. No one wants to be the victim of a foreclosure proceeding, but with a tough economy and many financial obligations, some home owners face the daunting reality of having their homes foreclosed on. Rather than just letting the bank take your home, however, you need to explore your options.

While there is no guarantee, simply giving up your house is not the best course for many people. If you are looking for a foreclosure lawyer, Clermont area residents, Apopka residents, and Winter Park residents have easy access to a reputable lawyer who puts the needs of their clients first. Nagel Law Firm offers a wide variety of services, including foreclosure lawyers Apopka residents can use.

If You Need Foreclosure Lawyers, Apopka Residents Can Turn to Nagel Law Firm’s Expertise

While there is no guarantee of successful defense against foreclosure proceedings, a foreclosure lawyer, Winter Park area residents will find, can be helpful in knowing your options and possibly saving your home. When facing a foreclosure procedure, however, you need someone to explain your options. A foreclosure lawyer, Clermont area or otherwise, should be able to look at your case, analyze the situation and help explain your options.

Nagel Law Firm operates in Lake, Marion, Orange, and Seminole counties, providing you legal assistance in your foreclosure case so that you can make the best choices for your financial situation now and for the future. We will work closely with you, reviewing your case and outlining your options. It is important, however, that you quickly contact a foreclosure lawyer; Winter Park, Clermont, and other cities can move quickly on foreclosure cases, and having time to investigate your situation is crucial to getting solid advice.

Many Options Mean You Need Personalized Assistance

Meredith Nagel believes in helping our clients one case at a time. Because of our personal approach, your case particulars will need to be reviewed and individually gone over. There is no prescribed answer or standard defense, particularly in a foreclosure case. Military service, contract breaches on the part of the lender, misinformation, or other extenuating circumstances can all affect the status of your home loan and may be used as a defense for foreclosure when suitable. While there is no guarantee that seeking legal council will forestall a foreclosure, Nagel Law Firm, working as foreclosure lawyers Apopka residents can trust, can explain your options to you today.

Planned Giving Attorney In Apopka

What to Look For in a Planned Giving Attorney, Apopka Lawyer

If you’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give in large amounts, you might need a planned giving attorney. Apopka has a number of local charities, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of worthy causes both nationally and internationally to choose from. The problem is that it is not only difficult to find out where to do the most good, but many people have trouble following up on donations regularly. With a well-trained lawyer handling these affairs, you can be confident in your giving.

Getting the Right Attorney

The biggest problem is often that you have to be sure to get the right planned giving attorneys. Clermont, Altamonte, and the rest of the Orlando metro area have a number of firms that are eager to do this, but not all of them have the experience or the time to do it right. Moreover, they may not take that sort of job as seriously as it should be taken.

Meredith Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law has a number of highly trained and experienced planned giving attorneys. Winter Park businessmen, Oviedo retirees, and so many others have come to our firm because they can be sure that we are paying attention to what they have to say and guiding their money in directions that are consistent with their values.

We believe that you should be able to trust your planned giving attorney. Apopka residents of all sorts have come to us asking for help in making sure that the money they have to give will go to help the most people, will be able to move when necessary (such as in response to a disaster), or will just stay out of the hands of scammers.

We also want to help people give back to their communities whenever possible. Here is one piece of advice you may attribute to our planned giving attorneys: “Clermont has needs, too.” That’s why they can help develop a portfolio that will spread what you have to where it will be most effective.

Extend Your Reach With a Planned Giving Attorney. Apopka and Beyond Will Appreciate It

You can be sure that when you contract Nagel Law to help you with your charitable giving, we will do our best to make sure that your generosity goes as far as possible, propping up causes that matter to you and assisting as best you can. Whether you want to give to environmental causes, veterans, children’s charities, or anything else, it’s not beyond the skill of our planned giving attorneys. Winter Park socialites, UCF area activists, and many others have assisted the causes they care about most with our help.

Don’t wait to hire a planned giving attorney. Apopka and so many other places need your help now.

Apopka Trust Attorney

Need a Trust Attorney? Apopka Residents Know Where to Turn

Many people don’t understand the benefit of a high quality trust attorney. Apopka has a number of families that own various amounts of property and want to make sure that it is administered properly, both before and after their death. Being confident that the legal help you’re getting will not only protect the beneficiaries, but also the trustee, will significantly reduce the stress that is involved in this sort of legal planning, so why not make sure that you’re working with the best? You can count on our trust attorneys; Clermont, Apopka, and families all over the Orlando Metro already do.

Picking a Trust Attorney: Apopka and the Surrounding Areas

The problem with finding the right people to lay the legal foundation for property disposal is that you can’t always count on your trust attorney. Apopka has a number of them, but not enough to ensure that personal attention is paid to every client. Some firms are far too big, making it impossible to really feel as if your situation is important to them. Some simply can’t handle the workload or simply don’t have many trust attorneys. Winter Park has the same problem as so many of the other cities in the area: finding a law office of a size that they can do the job and still focus on your needs.
Merideth Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law doesn’t have this issue. Our office is large enough that you can be sure that our staff will treat your trust with the gravity it deserves, but it isn’t so large that you will feel disconnected from your trust attorneys. Clermont grandmothers, Oviedo business owners, downtown accountants: they all get the highest level of service when they walk in our door.
Moreover, it’s important to choose a firm that has goals that align with your interests. Here at Nagel Law we are committed to helping our clients protect their property and ensure that legal challenges to their clear and unambiguous wishes will go nowhere, as well as providing a framework so their trustees will be empowered to administer the trust in line with those desires.

Where We Practice
If you live in the Orlando Metro area, you can probably benefit from working with our trust attorneys: Winter Park, Clermont, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Orlando proper, or any of the associated towns. We are experts in the applicable laws at both the state and federal levels, and can form trusts that will follow the path you lay out.
Come in for a consultation where our attorneys can determine if setting up a trust is the right answer for you, and how to start going about it. When it comes to getting a trust attorney, Apopka and the rest of the Orlando area can count on us.

Joshua Rosenberg

Josh was born and raised in Central Florida, growing up in Ocoee and Winter Garden. He Graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. He is currently attending Barry University – Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law where he is working to obtain his Juris Doctor and is on the Executive Board of the Barry Law Review Journal.

With more than 10 years of experience in the legal field, Josh works with litigation matters but focuses primarily on Probate and Guardianship. With an aging population the largest in the country’s history, the need to assist not only the elderly but those in need of protection is growing, especially in Central Florida. Josh’s patience and knowledge of the guardianship system provide a comforting support to clients during what can often be a difficult time.

When he’s not studying for Law School or spending time with his lovely wife and two sons, Josh seeks solace in his garage, working with tools and his car.

Facebook And Divorce: A Social Door For Marital Problems

Many use Facebook as a means of socially connecting with people and while the platform is appealing to many, the dangers are now being felt in many marriages across our country.   The Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently found that 81 percent of their members saw a significant rise in divorce cases attributed to social network sites like Facebook.  “It’s huge” states  Marlene Eskind Moses, the AAML president. Sites like Facebook are easy to use with little to no accountability. It insulates the user and those they associate with from exposure, allowing the transgressions to abound.

The average FB user has 130 friends on their wall, and they share with their friends and so on. You can see how the potential contacts are unlimited. Just the other day a message came to me stating that a “person” would like to be “friends” and other benefits…!  You can see that if there is trouble in a marriage  invitations like these can be extremely volatile.

Many divorce lawyers often mine Facebook to gather information on possible indiscretions and this trend is not going to slow down as we see the FB divorce connection increase. They are looking for the smoking gun and in most cases will find it. This is ultimately embarrassing and harmful to the entire family.

Here are some ways that the social networks can be used in a divorce case:

Lying: One case reported was that of a couple that just split up and was in the middle of a custody case. She claimed to be a stay at home mom 24/7. However, on her boyfriends page there were photos featuring: 1) Her at a bar partying, 2) Kissing her boyfriend, 3) Both in bathrobes at a posh hotel. What hurt her case the most was a picture of the boyfriend at the home with one of her kids, which violated a court order forbidding this. As a result the case settled quickly.

Pretending Broke:  When dealing with alimony and child support issues it is amazing what you can pick up from social media sites to “set” the record straight.  One case involved a man being sued for support who claimed he had no job. Unfortunately for him he liked to share his activities on twitter and FB. You see, he turned up as an owner of a popular night club in the Bronx using a fictitious name. Because of this finding, he had to pay a generous alimony settlement to his former wife.

Cheating: This one is the easiest to discover as people have come to think of social media as a safe place to vent. This could be furthest from the truth as information is shared and nothing is truly sacred. When looking at a divorce case attorneys are ever increasingly using FB to discover cheating. It has become easy as the photos, messages and hookups are posted and become viral.

Tips If You Are Using FB: -Stay away if you are upset or mad at your spouse. The temptation to entertain forbidden conversation is greatest while you are this vulnerable. -Keep you page private , and make it a habit to only accept family members or friends you know very well. -Stay away from sharing your intimate thoughts with those of the opposite sex. This is a recipe for disaster and the leading cause of infidelity on these social sites. -Do not “poke” old flames or those you were attracted to, especially if undergoing rough waters in your marriage. -Always allow your spouse to have an open door to your account. This will keep you accountable. When ever your significant other refuses to allow access, this is a strong indicator of impending trouble. Stay on top of this.

As you can see,  the advent of these social media sites come with a new set of challenges. Remember that what you share can become fodder for a potential divorce and nothing is sacred when discovering infidelities by an attorney. If you or a loved one thinks that a situation is occurring in the marriage please contact us for advice and a consultation.

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Foreclosure Defense Strategies


What Yоu Nееd tо Do For Fоrесlоѕurе Dеfеnѕе Strategies

In thе rесеnt раѕt, іt hаѕ been оbѕеrvеd that every year оvеr 700,000 U.S hоmеѕ enter fоrесlоѕurе. It іѕ vеrу unfortunate tо know hоw іnсrеаѕіng numbеrs of people are lоѕіng thеіr hоmеѕ tо banks аnd fіnаnсіаl institutions just bесаuѕе thеу fаіlеd to pay thе mоrtgаgе. A foreclosure can саuѕе a drор оf 250 роіntѕ оn an average. Fоr instance, іf your credit ѕсоrе is 650, іt саn gо down tо 400 bесаuѕе оf hоmе fоrесlоѕurе. Hеnсе, уоu nееd to bе рrераrеd tо defend this problem. Hеrе іѕ what you need to do fоr fоrесlоѕurе dеfеnѕе:

Fіlе a Dispute  Yоur сrеdіt score can tаkе a hit іf уоu hаvе a foreclosure on уоur credit rесоrd. If уоu fееl thаt the foreclosure іnfоrmаtіоn mentioned bу your bаnk is nоt соrrесt, уоu саn tаlk tо thеm. According to the Fаіr Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), уоu ѕtаnd a сhаnсе tо dispute аnу information that has bееn mentioned іnсоrrесtlу іn уоur сrеdіt report including fоrесlоѕurеѕ. All you nееd to do is fіlе a dіѕрutе аt the сrеdіt bureau or ѕееkіng аѕѕіѕtаnсе from a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl fоrесlоѕurе dеfеnѕе grоuр tо dо іt fоr you. Once thе іѕѕuе has been іn ѕоlvеd in уоur favor, уоur credit score can rіѕе.

Kеер track оf уоur disputes.  Yоu nееd tо kеер track оf уоur fоrесlоѕurе defense іn order tо knоw hоw іt is affecting уоur сrеdіt ѕсоrе. Thе сrеdіt burеаu’ѕ duty іѕ to еxаmіnе уоur dіѕрutеѕ and vеrіfу thе same. If the сrеdіt burеаu is nоt able tо dо ѕо thеn thе fоrесlоѕurе information should bе rеmоvеd. Thіѕ ѕhоuld еffесtіvеlу increase your сrеdіt ѕсоrе. Uѕuаllу, you should get a letter frоm thе credit burеаu within 2 mоnthѕ tо lеt уоu knоw the еnd rеѕult оf thе dispute. If you dо nоt get оnе, уоu nееd to рlасе a rеԛuеѕt fоr nеw сrеdіt reports аnd сhесk іf thе fоrесlоѕurе іnfоrmаtіоn іѕ still mеntіоnеd оr nоt. Yоu ѕhоuld get іn touch wіth the credit burеаu іmmеdіаtеlу аnd tеll thеm tо nоtіfу уоu аbоut thе оutсоmе of thе dіѕрutе as soon аѕ роѕѕіblе.

Consumer Stаtеmеnt Your сrеdіt ѕсоrе саn gо dоwn іf the fоrесlоѕurе іnfоrmаtіоn іѕ fоund tо bе соrrесt bу the сrеdіt burеаuѕ. Anоthеr way for fоrесlоѕurе defense thаt may not dіrесtlу hеlр іn bringing uр уоur credit score is tо add a ѕtаtеmеnt frоm consumer tо your credit report. Yоu nееd to state reasons аnd extenuate circumstances thаt hаvе rеѕultеd іn fоrесlоѕurе. Aftеr a fоrесlоѕurе, іt wіll tаkе a lоt of time tо get уоur сrеdіt score tо a gооd lеvеl. Fоrесlоѕurе іnfоrmаtіоn can remain on thе сrеdіt rесоrd for 7 уеаrѕ. Yоu will bе able tо rеmоvе the іnfоrmаtіоn frоm thе сrеdіt report оnlу after уоu send a rеԛuеѕt for it to the сrеdіt bureaus.

Stay Away Frоm Frаudulеnt Foreclosure Dеfеnѕе Companies  With foreclosure happening аt іnсrеаѕіng rаtе асrоѕѕ US, more аnd mоrе реорlе are seeking аѕѕіѕtаnсе frоm fоrесlоѕurе dеfеnѕе соmраnіеѕ tо рrоtесt thеmѕеlvеѕ frоm fоrесlоѕurе. Uneducated bоrrоwеrѕ mау feel that аррrоасhіng аnу foreclosure dеfеnѕе grоuр саn help them соmе out of the рrоblеm. Hоwеvеr, уоu ѕhоuld keep іn mind that there are рlеntу оf fraudulent foreclosure dеfеnѕе соmраnіеѕ thаt оnlу out there to duре реорlе іn thе nаmе of рrоvіdіng hеlр.

That is why hiring foreclosure defense attorney Merideth Nagel who has helped hundreds by giving options is so important. Always know who you are dealing with and make sure that you are comfortable with your attorney. Merideth Nagel. P.A. 352-394-7408.


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Tiki Jackson

Merideth Nagel has been a help to me, over the last 10 years, for multiple legal issues! As her client, and as a realtor who utilizes her real estate and title services, Merideth, along with her phenomenal staff, has afforded me a no-worry transaction, and confidential, professional and caring guidance EVERY TIME!!!

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We are dedicated to helping you succeed and prosper, and as our business grows we see the relationship between realtor and lawyer flourish. It is a unique bond built in trust and assurance, and know that we will serve your clients with 110% of our time and talents.

Again, thank you so much for the business and confidence. At Merideth Nagel, P.A. we place a great deal of honor and respect for what you do! Have a prosperous and happy rest of the year.


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Seeking Guardianship Rights

When facing deteriorating health and mental challenges, situations might occur in which you need to assume certain rights and decision making choices. With out these rights it will be difficult to manage your loved ones affairs and also to fund said care. The situation will warrant a discussion with a guardianship attorney who is well versed in the county and state regulations. In the Central Florida area Merideth Nagel, P.A. can offer advice and legal counsel which will give you choices as you seek to make decisions for your loved ones.

Why Establish a Guardianship?

You would want to establish a guardianship to allow your loved one to receive proper care, and have supervision from an appropriate party who can make decisions for the them. The Guardian could be contacted should your family member ever leave a facility where they are placed. The authorities will be alerted to return the ward to the proper facility once they are found. Additionally, if the person has assets in their name like a car or bank account, or if there is a home involved, and if there is no valid power of attorney activated, then a Guardianship will be necessary to be granted access to those assets.

Who May Serve as Guardian?

Is the Guardian Liable for the Wards Debts?

No. The Guardian does not have to pay the ward’s debts from their own pocket. This is not the same as a mother/father relationship where the burden is on the parents. The guardians liabilities are limited.

How Long Does The Process Take?

For a temporary immediate guardianship, the process takes 3 to 5 days. For the normal application it should take no more than 30 days.

Avoiding Guardianship

It is possible to avoid guardianship through proper estate planning. A solid estate plan will include a medical power of attorney that gives an individual decision rights to manage health care in a medical emergency, and a durable power of attorney allowing a trusted individual access to manage personal affairs. These documents can specify how you wish to live and your approved quality of life in the event of how you die. It also can list how you wish to be treated if you become disabled – which can be in direct opposition to how a court appointed guardian will make decisions regarding your wishes. A lot of times when these documents have been executed it will not be necessary for your loved ones to seek the services of a guardian should something happen to you.

If you want guardianship attorney, or if you are ready to execute a proper estate plan, than contact our offices at 352-394-7408 or use the email form on this site. The knowledge you gain is free, but the peace of mind is invaluable.

Jessica Fleming

Jessica is not only the Senior Paralegal at MNPA, she also serves as our Administrative Team Lead. Jessica began her career working the front office for the Law Firm of Richard H. Langley and then for South Lake Title Services. With over 14 years of experience in litigation and real estate law, Jessica processes a large variety of cases and is always eager to take on new challenges. Jessica is a dedicated mother and a lifelong resident of South Lake County. Jessica can be found most days either playing golf or enjoying the Florida sun.

Collections Attorney

Florida Collection Lawyer

Merideth Nagel, P.A. concentrates on collecting unpaid judgments as well as non-judgment debt from people and businesses owners in the state of Florida. While collections carries a negative stigma, it is a necessary component in our society to protect assets that are effected by non payment of goods or services. As a Central Florida Collections Attorney, one of our practice areas, we handle each clients needs as aggressively as it takes to ensure the compensation sought is not hindered.

Debt Collection Firm

As a debt collection agency, we try to work as closely as possible with you to identify the services that best match your particular collection needs. We work extremely hard to provide a tailored collection services that maximizes the goals in your commercial collection.

Just because an account that owes you money is no longer in business does not mean it is impossible to collect from them. When you meet with one of our collection attorneys they will chart out the plan we will use, based on the individual situation, to get your funds recovered.

Debt recovery can be a long, drawn out and frustrating process if you have no plan in place to deal with it.  We, as your agent, will not stop in the due diligence it takes to get your funds released. Where others stop after a few attempts we employ many avenues to achieve our goals.

Please use the contact “Free Case Evaluation” form on this site to schedule your consultation. Our attorneys offer immediate access to discuss your case when you come on board with us and let us handle your Central Florida Debt Collection matter. As a law firm operating out of Clermont, Florida, we have the resources and ability to help you in these matters. You can also call us at 352-394-7408.