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Criminal Defense Attorney Stephanie Modica

You will see a lot of legal websites that talk about “Our Firm”. You will see legal practice areas and all the things that they do—But what you really need is immediate Attorney access to keep serious charges from state and local law enforcement agencies from harming you. I am going to do something that most attorneys do not like to do. I am going to give you my personal cell number—352-801-4839 so you can have immediate access to me when you need it. Call me now and allow me to offer sound legal advice regarding your matter. With years of experience working inside the local courts, and now as a criminal defense attorney, I know both sides of the equation. This allows me the ability to craft a defense that is suitable for your issues. Our conversations are protected and confidential and with my FREE CONSULTATION you will have a game plan to protect your rights.

Practice areas include:
DUI Charges, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Theft, Assault,  Battery, Drug Charges, and Juvenile.

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