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Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in real estate, you need an attorney you can trust to protect and grow your most vital investments.

Merideth Nagel, P.A. and her team of attorneys and staff have decades of combined experience in real estate law. Representing individuals, businesses, and developers in Lake, Orange, Sumter, Seminole, and Marion County, facilitating their needs and defending their interests. We’re ready to help you navigate the intricacies of your real estate project. Ensuring that everything goes smoothly, and that your needs are met.


The answer to why you need an attorney is easy to understand by asking yourself a simple question: “Who at the closing table is loyal to you?”

Also, consider the motivation of a title company that is simply selling you a title policy. Does a title company have any motivation to solve any problems with the title? Or are any problems identified more likely to show up as exceptions to the title coverage. Review part B of a title policy. Everything there is an exception. And what are some of these exceptions? Do you understand the legal affect of these exceptions?

Only an attorney can give you legal advice regarding your transaction.

At closing, your attorney will check every detail, making sure the transaction occurs the way that you agreed, and that you will get marketable title. This is the most critical part of all, and your attorney’s participation is important in helping you protect your investment and your financial security. A real estate attorney has the ability to look out for your interests and insure that you are getting what you have bargained for as either buyer or seller.


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