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Clermont Family Law Attorney


When you are in need of a Clermont family law attorney or divorce lawyer, call the Nagel Law Firm.

If you are going through a divorce or custody dispute you need a compassionate and knowledgeable Clermont family law attorney. Clermont and Lake County residents can turn to Nagel Law Firm to explain all the options during this emotionally difficult time. Rather than working on a huge volume of cases, our divorce attorneys provide one-on-one advice and compassion for the unique circumstances of youe case, working with you to meet your needs and priorities. Our experienced Clermont family law lawyers understand the emotional challenges that a divorce or custody dispute can create.

During a divorce or paternity action you need Clermont family law attorneys to explain the process and help you obtain an outcome that meets your current and future needs. A divorce or family law lawyer, Clermont residents know, can advise you as to your options regarding custody, property distribution, alimony and child support and help you obtain the results you desire.

Types of Issues in a Family Law Case

There are many issues that can arise during a family law case, making it all the more vital that you choose a Clermont family law attorney or divorce lawyer that can work with you on the specifics of your individual needs. Divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate divorce. First, if there are children involved, you need a knowledgeable and experienced Clermont divorce attorney who can help you settle custody issues. This will involve deciding issues relating to timesharing and parental responsibility in the light of the best interests of the children.

A second type of issue typically involved in a divorce case is property division. In Florida, the Court will take an equitable distribution approach to splitting up property. Your Clermont divorce lawyer can guide you through this process and help you plan for all outcomes. It is important to know your rights before the marriage is dissolved and defend them. Lake County residents have trusted in Nagel Law Firm’s expertise in these matters for quite some time.
Finally, there are often issues relating to alimony and child support. The Nagel Law Firm’s divorce attorneys can explain the different types of support and how to obtain the support you need now and for the future. These are decisions that will effect your for a long time, so it is important to get it right.

A Client First Approach From a Family Law Attorneys Clermont Residents Can Trust

Nagel Law Firm believes in changing the world, one client at a time. Each case is viewed with personal interest and attention, putting your goals and needs as clients first. You will meet with one of our experienced and qualified divorce attorneys to establish what sort of issues will arise. You will be advised by the Nagel Law Firm as to your rights and what the law entitles you to relating to property division, custody, alimony and child support. If you are looking for a family law attorney, Clermont can turn to Nagel Law Firm.


Apopka Trust Attorney

Need a Trust Attorney? Apopka Residents Know Where to Turn

Many people don’t understand the benefit of a high quality trust attorney. Apopka has a number of families that own various amounts of property and want to make sure that it is administered properly, both before and after their death. Being confident that the legal help you’re getting will not only protect the beneficiaries, but also the trustee, will significantly reduce the stress that is involved in this sort of legal planning, so why not make sure that you’re working with the best? You can count on our trust attorneys; Clermont, Apopka, and families all over the Orlando Metro already do.

Picking a Trust Attorney: Apopka and the Surrounding Areas

The problem with finding the right people to lay the legal foundation for property disposal is that you can’t always count on your trust attorney. Apopka has a number of them, but not enough to ensure that personal attention is paid to every client. Some firms are far too big, making it impossible to really feel as if your situation is important to them. Some simply can’t handle the workload or simply don’t have many trust attorneys. Winter Park has the same problem as so many of the other cities in the area: finding a law office of a size that they can do the job and still focus on your needs.
Merideth Nagel, PA Attorneys at Law doesn’t have this issue. Our office is large enough that you can be sure that our staff will treat your trust with the gravity it deserves, but it isn’t so large that you will feel disconnected from your trust attorneys. Clermont grandmothers, Oviedo business owners, downtown accountants: they all get the highest level of service when they walk in our door.
Moreover, it’s important to choose a firm that has goals that align with your interests. Here at Nagel Law we are committed to helping our clients protect their property and ensure that legal challenges to their clear and unambiguous wishes will go nowhere, as well as providing a framework so their trustees will be empowered to administer the trust in line with those desires.

Where We Practice

If you live in the Orlando Metro area, you can probably benefit from working with our trust attorneys: Winter Park, Clermont, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Orlando proper, or any of the associated towns. We are experts in the applicable laws at both the state and federal levels, and can form trusts that will follow the path you lay out.
Come in for a consultation where law attorneys can determine if setting up a trust is the right answer for you, and how to start going about it. When it comes to getting a trust attorney, Apopka and the rest of the Orlando area can count on us.

Facebook And Divorce: A Social Door For Marital Problems

Many use Facebook as a means of socially connecting with people and while the platform is appealing to many, the dangers are now being felt in many marriages across our country.   The Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently found that 81 percent of their members saw a significant rise in divorce cases attributed to social network sites like Facebook.  “It’s huge” states  Marlene Eskind Moses, the AAML president. Sites like Facebook are easy to use with little to no accountability. It insulates the user and those they associate with from exposure, allowing the transgressions to abound.

The average FB user has 130 friends on their wall, and they share with their friends and so on. You can see how the potential contacts are unlimited. Just the other day a message came to me stating that a “person” would like to be “friends” and other benefits…!  You can see that if there is trouble in a marriage  invitations like these can be extremely volatile.

Many divorce lawyers often mine Facebook to gather information on possible indiscretions and this trend is not going to slow down as we see the FB divorce connection increase. They are looking for the smoking gun and in most cases will find it. This is ultimately embarrassing and harmful to the entire family.

Here are some ways that the social networks can be used in a divorce case:

Lying: One case reported was that of a couple that just split up and was in the middle of a custody case. She claimed to be a stay at home mom 24/7. However, on her boyfriends page there were photos featuring: 1) Her at a bar partying, 2) Kissing her boyfriend, 3) Both in bathrobes at a posh hotel. What hurt her case the most was a picture of the boyfriend at the home with one of her kids, which violated a court order forbidding this. As a result the case settled quickly.

Pretending Broke:  When dealing with alimony and child support issues it is amazing what you can pick up from social media sites to “set” the record straight.  One case involved a man being sued for support who claimed he had no job. Unfortunately for him he liked to share his activities on twitter and FB. You see, he turned up as an owner of a popular night club in the Bronx using a fictitious name. Because of this finding, he had to pay a generous alimony settlement to his former wife.

Cheating: This one is the easiest to discover as people have come to think of social media as a safe place to vent. This could be furthest from the truth as information is shared and nothing is truly sacred. When looking at a divorce case attorneys are ever increasingly using FB to discover cheating. It has become easy as the photos, messages and hookups are posted and become viral.

Tips If You Are Using FB: -Stay away if you are upset or mad at your spouse. The temptation to entertain forbidden conversation is greatest while you are this vulnerable. -Keep you page private , and make it a habit to only accept family members or friends you know very well. -Stay away from sharing your intimate thoughts with those of the opposite sex. This is a recipe for disaster and the leading cause of infidelity on these social sites. -Do not “poke” old flames or those you were attracted to, especially if undergoing rough waters in your marriage. -Always allow your spouse to have an open door to your account. This will keep you accountable. When ever your significant other refuses to allow access, this is a strong indicator of impending trouble. Stay on top of this.

As you can see,  the advent of these social media sites come with a new set of challenges. Remember that what you share can become fodder for a potential divorce and nothing is sacred when discovering infidelities by an attorney. If you or a loved one thinks that a situation is occurring in the marriage please contact us for advice and a consultation.

Keep us bookmarked for more topics like this.