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Close your real estate transaction with an attorney

Today we correct the name of the podcast to “Central Florida Legal Cast” and our host Leon Bloder speaks with co-host Merideth Nagel about the benefits of using an attorney to handle your important real estate transactions and how to avoid many of the problems associated with using a less equipped agency.


Real estate sales have never been “easy,” but over the past years, with the proliferation of foreclosures and short-sales, and the new Dodd-Frank and other RESPA regulations, closing real estate transactions has become exponentially more difficult.

According to the American Land Title Association, 30% of all real estate closings involve significant title problems. You’ve worked hard to sell your property, or to find the property perfect for your needs – why would you take a chance with a title company at closing, when you could have an attorney working for you to resolve those title problems, at the same rate, or even less, than title companies charge?

A real estate attorney can be by your side throughout the entire transaction. If problems arise during negotiations, a real estate attorney can help make sure the contract provisions are legally valid and align with your needs and intentions. After the contract is executed a real estate attorney can help explain the results of the title examination, handle any title problems that might be revealed or might arise, and draft all necessary title insurance and closing documents to bring you successfully to closing, again, in many cases for the same price or less than a title company might charge. With an attorney to handle any obstacles that might arise, you can rest easy knowing you are protected. As a professional trained and experienced in the complexities of real estate law, I can help provide you the security you need before and after the closing. Typically I can provide all the services of a title company, plus the added value of legal expertise to handle any and all issues, with better protection for you, a faster and smoother transaction, less worry, and all at a cost no greater than that of a non-lawyer title company.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you complete a successful sale, whether residential or commercial. With almost $65 million in closed volume last year alone, we have the experience to handle any and all issues that may arise, and provide you the best experience possible.

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Firm Overview – Merideth Nagel, P.A.
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