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Groveland bankruptcy lawyer There are instances in which a Chapter 12 or 13 bankruptcy may be dismissed should a creditor or other involved party request it. There must be a reasonable cause in order for a dismissal to occur, however. A reasonable cause in such case involves failure of the debtor to abide by certain rules and obligations in the bankruptcy. Such matters can be avoided by working with a Groveland bankruptcy lawyer. Chapter 12 Dismissal Chapter 12 and 13 bankruptcies are not for liquidation of debt, but rather for reorganization of debt and payments. In both cases a portion of the debt is paid over several years, after which the remaining debt is eliminated. Chapter 12 is primarily for businesses, whereas a Chapter 13 is most often for individual debtors. As your Groveland bankruptcy attorney will tell you, the creditor may have cause to request dismissal of your Chapter 12 case if, among other reasons: • You delay or grossly mismanage payments. • You fail to pay any charges and fees. • You fail to make child or spousal support payments. • You default on a confirmed plan. • You do not make payments on time. • You do not abide by all the conditions specified in the plan Chapter 13 Dismissal As with a Chapter 12 bankruptcy, a party of interest can request that your Chapter 13 be dismissed if: • You delay payments. • You do not pay fees and charges. • You don’t file a plan within the allotted time. • You do not file required documents. • You do not pay child or spousal support that is ordered. • You don’t file your taxes. • You do not make timely payments. Work with an Attorney if You Are Filing Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is often a very complex matter, and if you make mistakes your petition can be denied. You may find it is in your best interests to work with a Groveland bankruptcy lawyer. Call Merideth Nagel, P.A., Attorney at Law today. Phone: 352-404-4634 Toll Free: 877-580-6868

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