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Collections Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney in Lake County

Merideth Nagel, P.A. concentrates on collecting unpaid judgments as well as non-judgment debt from people and businesses owners in the state of Florida. While collections carries a negative stigma, it is a necessary component in our society to protect assets that are effected by non payment of goods or services. As a Central Florida Collections Attorney, one of our practice areas, we handle each clients needs as aggressively as it takes to ensure the compensation sought is not hindered.

Debt Collection Firm

As a debt collection agency, we try to work as closely as possible with you to identify the services that best match your particular collection needs. We work extremely hard to provide a tailored collection services that maximizes the goals in your commercial collection.

Just because an account that owes you money is no longer in business does not mean it is impossible to collect from them. When you meet with one of our collection attorneys they will chart out the plan we will use, based on the individual situation, to get your funds recovered.

Debt recovery can be a long, drawn out and frustrating process if you have no plan in place to deal with it.  We, as your agent, will not stop in the due diligence it takes to get your funds released. Where others stop after a few attempts we employ many avenues to achieve our goals.

Please use the contact “Free Case Evaluation” form on this site to schedule your consultation. Our attorneys offer immediate access to discuss your case when you come on board with us and let us handle your Central Florida Debt Collection matter. As a law firm operating out of Clermont, Florida, we have the resources and ability to help you in these matters. You can also call us at 352-394-7408.